Welcome To In The Garden Missions

In The Garden Missions exist to bring glory to God.

We are an international charity that seeks to bring Christ to the nations through enrichment projects in the villages of Uganda, Africa.

In The Garden Missions was established in 2011……


Education Department

In The Garden Missions believes that education is the key to ending physical poverty. We have over 350 children in our sponsorship program.

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Construction Division

Construction projects such as: new schools, additional classrooms, libraries, chalk boards, desks, and building medical clinics are part of this ministry.


Medical Missions

Health Care in Uganda is inaccessible to most people. In The Garden Missions is partnering with two local clinics to provide free healthcare.  We are supplying  medicines, vitamins , medical supplies and nurses to work with local people.



Community Enrichment Projects

A self sustained community is a thriving community, that is why we are serving through the reusable pads project, setting up micro businesses for single mothers, building houses for widows, farming seminars...