In The Garden Missions began back in 2008 in Booneville, Kentucky. We did not know at the time where all this a would  lead us. The first time we met Martha, she began to tell us her story and how she ended up in a situation where she was unable to provide for herself or the granddaughters left in her care.  There was pain and embarrassment on her face as she told us about her life and the extreme circumstances that left her unable to buy food, pay the electric bill and  clothe her grandchildren.

We listened to her, wondering how  we could help this woman. What could we do that would make a difference in her life? We could buy her groceries, but that would only help for a couple of days. We could buy the children clothes, but they would eventually grow out of them. Then Martha said these words to us that we will never forget and we promised to help make them come true. She said, "lf I had a garden, I could work it and have food for my young'ins."

In 2011 our church formed a Garden Mission team. We went to Booneville, Kentucky with one purpose, to put in a garden for Martha. In the end we put in a garden, but the process was one we will never forget. God worked miracles on that trip that changed our lives forever. The image of our team standing in the pouring rain, outside the finished garden, forming a circle to pray and thank God, is one we will never forget. This is where our organization began to take shape, but we still didn't know it.

Upon returning from Booneville we were so on fire for God and we did not know what to do with our energies. About a week after we got home, the emails started flowing from one team member to the next. God was speaking and we were listening. From our mission team that went to Booneville, four of us decided to begin a non-profit organization to win lost souls for Christ. We called it "In The Garden Missions", because that is where it started.

Our main goal is and always will be to win lost souls to Christ.

In 2014 our ministry went from being a local charity to a global organization. We made our inaugural trip to Uganda, Africa with a team of 7 from America and many more from Uganda joining us there. Our lives were once again changed forever.

Since that first trip, much has changed and much has stayed the same. Our focus stays the same, but our methods and outreach grow every year. We have been blessed beyond what we could ever imagine or even think. Ephesians 3:20 .

We hope that many of you will choose to join with us on our projects to share the love of Christ.

Misty Fields, President